Frequent Questions & Answers

When was this website born?
It was launched in February 2016.
Why did you make such a website?
Simply for fun and learning. And it is useful, right :-)
Where do you get the ranking data?
The ranking data for current day is available at the official Alexa website.
Does this site have any connection with Alexa?
No. We do not have any relationship with Alexa, Alexa Internet,, or their affiliates. This site is solely a personal project.
Is your data reliable?
We download and parse the official Alexa records. We tried our best to do it correctly. BUT We do not guarantee ANYTHING.
How long is your history ranking records?
Maximumly we keep a 30-day ranking history for each domain.
Why is some ranking history shorter than 30 days?
If one domain was out of the 1M top domains in three consecutive days, its history data will be deleted. When it comes back in the 1M top sites again, we will record its history from scratch.
OR if you accessed this site in February and March of 2016, our site did not live longer than 30 days at that time :-)

UPDATE (May 4th, 2016): the threshold for short-term daily records is increased to seven days, while that for long-term monthly records to six months.
Which sites are you monitoring?
We only have the ranking history for the top 1M sites.